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Ghana Social Centre Aided by 3D Printing

A terrible storm in Ghana badly damaged the Catholic-operated community hall, resulting in the demolition of the ruins. The diocese contracted the replacement build to Munich-based architect Wieland Schimdt, who had to design a structure that used nearby materials, was environmentally friendly and was able to withstand the oppressive tropical heat - both structurally and for its inhabitants. 
While the design was created, residents were understandably curious about the new hall. Schmidt made the decision to produce a miniature version of the new hall on a Voxeljet 3D printer of 84 x 84 x 22.5 cm. This model was put on display to satisfy the curiosity of those who will be using the building. 
Two dimensional rendered views are a huge leap forward from drawings, but there's nothing quite like seeing the building in 3D, in real life. 

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