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Flat-Rate 3D Print Pricing From i.Materialise

3D print service i.Materialise is experimenting with a form of flat-rate pricing. Normally they employ the standard "how much material and what kind of material are you printing" approach, but perhaps this was seen as a barrier to expanding their business. They've been testing this approach throughout May, when the program ends.  
How does it work? It's actually very simple to understand. For any object that fits completely within a volume of 125 cubic centimeters you pay a mere €12. Should you want a few more copies, it gets even better: add more for only €4 each. 
Is this the right way to charge for 3D models? We don't know, but we do admire the simplicity. If the program works, i.Materialise will no doubt bring it back on a more permanent basis. 

A Very Smooth Idea, Indeed

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