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bhold Launches bhold Labs

New York-based 3D printing design specialists bhold launched a new program: bhold labs. The new venture is intended to gather feedback on their 3D printed designs before they are offered to the public. 
bhold provides a catalog of unique 3D printed items for sale, including household items such as organizers, hooks and more, all produced using 3D printing. It's like a small Shapeways, but with curated content. 
The curation will improve with the introduction of their labs component, where: 
As a participant, you will receive prototypes of our latest products by mail. Play with the product, test it, stress it. When you're ready, send us your feedback. When the final version is ready, all bhold labs testers will be able to purchase the final products at a reduced rate for a limited time.
This could be an interesting way to get involved in 3D design. 

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