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Design of the Week: 3D Printed Gran Torino

This week's selection is Ioan Florea's amazing full-size 3D printed Gran Torino, as displayed at Carbondale's Surplus Gallery in Illinois during his Tactile Histories exhibition. 
The Gran Torino, we believe, is intact underneath a large number of 3D printed pieces that completely cover the car's normal plain surface. The Gran Torino is not "3D printed", like the world's first 3D printed car, the Urbee. This is a work of art. 
The 3D printed layer contains surreal shapes that seem symmetrical, but are not always so. Painted in silver, the bad-ass American muscle car now looks even more bad-ass. 
This work is quite a feat beyond the artistic elements; 3D printing that many pieces to fit an entire car is a very lengthy operation.
We've featured Florea's work previously. He seems to specialize in large scale 3D printed items and the Gran Torino project continues that genre. 

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