Ultimaker Reorganizes

Ultimaker Reorganizes
You may have heard about Ultimaker’s new personal 3D printer, the not-so-surprisingly named Ultimaker 2, but that’s not all that’s going down at the Dutch manufacturer. 
We listened to a talk by their new CEO, Henk van Gils at the London 3D Printshow 2013, in which he revealed some corporate moves at the growing company. It seems that Ultimaker is making a transition from small startup to be positioned for large growth. van Gils says they are “evolving to mass market machinery from DIY – it’s a new world.”
But what specifically have they done? Here’s our list: 
  • They’ve hired a dedicated CEO. Like many startup companies, the beginning requires those with technical skills to make the first products, but as the company grows, you need real CEO skills. van Gils is they guy they’ve hired (last July) to take on that role
  • They’ve split the company in two. One side, UltiLabs, retains the original chaotic style that resulted in the development of the first Ultimaker. It will provide the R&D for the organization. The other side, simply Ultimaker, focuses on production and delivery of product in a traditional organized manufacturing operation
  • They’ve reworked their corporate org chart to accommodate these moves (see spy image above)
Are these moves a good thing? We think so. The company retains its startup mojo by isolating the R&D, yet should be able to provide excellent product service and delivery at the same time. 
Can we have an Ultimaker 3 now? 
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