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The LulzBot TAZ 3 Personal 3D Printer

LulzBot has released a new version of their popular TAZ personal 3D printer: 3.0. The new version includes several evolutionary improvements, including additional metal parts and a quicker-to-print-ready heated bed. 
The TAZ is an open-air 3D printer, meaning the heated bed is more important to avoid warping if you’re printing ABS plastic. TAZ has some impressive specifications: 
  • Large build volume of 298 x 275 x 250mm
  • Layer size as small as 0.075mm - although prints at that resolution would take a long time! 
  • Supported 3.0mm filaments include: ABS, PLA, PVA, HIPS, Wood
We’re quite impressed with the toolkit that comes with each TAZ: 
  • Toolkit bag
  • 15 Piece Metric Hex Key Set
  • Pliers, Needle Nose
  • Tweezers
  • Standard Precision Knife
  • Dental Pick
  • Flathead Bristle Brush
  • Part Removal Knife (clam knife)
  • Metric Ruler
  • Acetone-safe Bottle (acetone not included)
The acetone bottle is a very nice touch for those that intend on smoothing their ABS prints. About the only thing more we’d want is a digital micrometer, but the TAZ toolkit will definitely work for you. 
If you have USD$2,195 burning a hole in your wallet and able to wait 1-2 weeks for shipping, you too can have a LulzBot Taz in your possession. 

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