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3D Printed Goldeneye Remote Mine

We were contacted by Shane Blomberg who was excited to show us his project to create a Goldeneye Remote Mine replica prop from the 007 game from the 90's. 
The project originally manifested as an "Instructable", but it required you to somehow find a now-prehistoric PC Commander Joystick base. Given that such things are now increasingly difficult to find, Blomberg decided to simply 3D print the required parts. He says: 
I have always been a huge fan of 007 movies, especially Goldeneye, that is why I decided to 3d model a working replica of the "Remote Mine" from the movie. I have designed this unit to be fully 3D printable, (With the exception of a few electronic parts). Now anyone who also likes the movie can have their own replica! The replica beeps, blinks, and is magnetic so it functions exactly like the prop in the movie. 
We find this approach fascinating because 3D printing eliminates the barrier of finding parts - you simply make them instead! 
Now, if we could only print the LEDs and electronics, we'd be really happy. 

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