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The B9Creator Returns

Readers may recall the hugely successful B9Creator 3D printer kit Kickstarter project last year: it raised a ridiculous USD$513,422 to develop a revolutionary personal 3D printer based on photo-cured resin technology. 
The project was obviously successful and a number of "version 1's" were sent to happy customers. But now founder Michael Joyce has returned with a followup Kickstarter campaign to raise money for "version 1.1". 
The new version includes several improvements, including: Deeper vat, Improved sweeper, Table support extension, Improved tracks, Improved Z-axis, Z-Decoupler and new metal parts. 
Version 1 owners are given several upgrade options, while those who are new to B9Creator can simply get all improvements included in a completely new kit. Upgrades range in price from USD$101 to USD$277, while complete kits start at USD$2595 - while they last; there's limited quantities of these folks. Get them soon! 

For 3D Printing “Early Adopters Have Big Advantage”

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