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3D Systems Rebrands Their Color 3D Printers

After 3D Systems' acquisition of ZCorp, they found themselves owners of the Zprinter line of the only full-color 3D printers available. These machines continued to be improved and new variations added up until this week. 
What happened this week? 3D Systems has rebranded the entire Zprinter line into new ProJet models. No more Zprinters! The new machines not only have new names (although the numbering scheme is kinda similar, as, for example, the new ProJet 660 Pro strongly resembles the previous Zprinter 650) but also attractive new exterior styling that matches the rest of the ProJet line. You can see this style in the image above of a new ProJet 460 Plus. 
The new printer line includes: 
  • ProJet 160 – compact size, most affordable monochrome printing
  • ProJet 260C– compact size, most affordable full color 3D printer available
  • ProJet 360 – medium size, monochrome printing affordability
  • ProJet 460Plus – medium size, high-quality full color printing
  • ProJet 660Pro – large format, premium-quality full color printing
  • ProJet 860Pro – super-large format, premium-quality full color printing
This was an inevitable step, but it begs the question: when will full color capabilities be integrated into other 3D Systems products? 

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