Captured Dimensions Captures Your Dimensions

A new, sophisticated and highly specialized 3D print service has launched: Captured Dimensions. This 3D print service focuses on producing full-color 3D figurines based on human and similar subjects. 
The crown jewel of Captured Dimensions is this incredible 3D scanning setup, involving dozens of high-res cameras. The subject merely sits in the center of the studio and an operator triggers all cameras to capture a still image simultaneously. The captured images are processed into a very accurate 3D model, which, of course, is then 3D printed for your amusement. 
The unique feature of the scan setup is that it is instantaneous. Many other 3D scan setups involve rotating the subject or moving a 3D depth camera around somehow, requiring the subject to remain absolutely still. 
This is difficult for most people to do, and impossible for children and pets. But what if the scan were instant? Yes!
Captured Dimensions can thus work with almost any subject, barring the usual constraints around shiny, transparent or ultra-thin bits. Their video even shows excellent 3D scans of a dog. 
They offer 3D prints in various sizes and prices, but the catch is that in order to capture your scan, you’ll have to visit their studio in Richardson, Texas. 
Via Captured Dimensions (Hat tip to Syndi)
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