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3D Systems Acquires The Sugar Lab

If you happen to visit the Sugar Lab website today, you'll notice a small addition: a 3D Systems logo on the top right of the page. It's there because The Sugar Lab is the latest acquisition by 3D Systems. 
While 3D Systems has been executing a strategy of takeovers to broaden their 3D printing ecosystem, this acquisition is a first. The Sugar Lab is not a 3D printer manufacturer, parts producer or software cog. 
It's a 3D food printing retail operation. 
The Sugar Lab is a kind of 3D print service where your 3D models are produced in Sugar - and are edible. Typically the prints are used as centerpieces or adorn the top of elaborate cakes. The Lab has their own designs, but will also entertain submitted designs for production.  
We wrote of Los Angeles' The Sugar Lab some time ago, but hadn't thought 3D Systems would eat them up in what could be a very sweet deal. 3D Systems has previously ventured into the 3D print retail scene by striking deals with Staples and acquiring Freedom of Creation's retail operation, but The Sugar Lab is a much more "in your face" business. 
Or should we say, "in your mouth"?

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