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The Sugar Lab's Sweet Prints

A pair of graduate students from Los Angeles created The Sugar Lab, a new business producing highly creative 3D printed sugar cake toppers. 
The two, Kyle and Liz, embarked on their journey by attempting to 3D print a cake for a friend. After much experimentation, they produced a cake topper made from 3D printed sugar. The result was so impressive they were encouraged to transform the idea into a real business, The Sugar Lab. 
Their business is custom; you'll have to work with them to develop your idea, which doesn't necessarily have to be a cake topper. They have also created "centerpieces, chandeliers, cupcake toppers, sugar cubes, pie-crust-lattice, grapefruit sweeteners" and likely more. 
3D printed sugar isn't new; we posted about early experiments in sugar printing many years ago. But with any good idea, it takes an entrepreneurs (or two in this case) to build a business around it. 

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