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The iDecoLamp

The iDecoLamp is a remarkable combination of 3D printing technology and smartphone app. It's basically a night light powered by a specially designed app. 
The designers realized there was an opportunity being lost: every night your smartphone sits charging, typically by your bedside. But why have it sit idly by doing nothing? The iDecoLamp is a cradle into which the smartphone sits and displays interesting patterns while you sleep. 
The smartphone app not only displays patterns, but it also can be used to select and tweak them. The team suggests they'll be adding new patterns in the future. One can imagine all kinds of interesting light-generating applications. 
The cradle itself was prototyped using a 3D printer, but the designers intend on converting to an injection molded final product. 
Currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter at USD$25 per cradle. 

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