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Kodak Alaris Partnering with MCOR?

We observed something rather strange at CES last week. MCOR showed their amazing paper-based color 3D printer, the Iris, as you might expect, but we noticed ANOTHER MCOR Iris hiding on the show floor. 
It was secretly hidden behind the door to this private meeting room, owned by Kodak Alaris. 
If you’re not familiar with Kodak Alaris, they are an offshoot of the original Eastman Kodak company, having a focus on “Personalized Imaging and Document Imaging”. The original Eastman Kodak retains corporate business. 
So what was the color 3D printer doing in the Kodak Alaris booth? 
It’s not clear as there has been no announcement from either company, but we wouldn't be surprised if some kind of licensing deal emerged within a few weeks. We suspect Kodak Alaris will offer a type of color 3D print service associated with their personal imaging operations. 
Moral of the story: if you want to remain stealthy, don’t try to hide a bright orange printer in your booth. 


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