Klone World

At CES we encountered Klone World in the 3D Systems’ booth. Klone World is a service that provides the increasingly popular ability to implant your 3D face on a figurine. Klone World offers a number of different figurine scenarios and poses, different than those offered by 3D Systems’ 3DMe service. 
Amazingly, the service works by uploading a single 2D image of your face. There’s no need for profiles or multiple shots. Somehow the software interprets the shadowing in the image into contours of the 3D printed face. 
Pricing is inexpensive for these items, ranging from as low as USD$4.99 up to USD$30. 
One terrific usage scenario for Klone World figurines is as personalized game pieces. Imagine that it’s actually YOU that’s moving around the game board. 
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