The Three Laws of 3D Printing

Years ago Isaac Asimov developed the ‚ÄúThree Laws of Robotics‚ÄĚ to govern the behavior of robots. Do we need something similar for 3D printing?

3D Printing Hurts!

Everyone knows that personal 3D printing can be a ton of fun, but did you know it can also be hazardous to your personal appendages? We certainly do.

ABS Plastic On The Way Out?

We’re beginning to notice a significant trend. When looking at new emerging personal 3D printers we are seeing fewer that offer ABS plastic as an option as a 3D printing material.    ABS was among the very first materials used by historic personal 3D printers,  as it was commonly available due to its heavy use… Continue reading ABS Plastic On The Way Out?

The Lightforge 3D Printer

Lightforge is developing a personal resin-based 3D printer, a device that apparently doesn’t have an official name yet. We checked out the machine, which was actually a “version 1 prototype”, built after some fifteen months of development.    A spokesperson indicated they’re currently working on a version 2 prototype that may be part of a… Continue reading The Lightforge 3D Printer

Cubify’s 3D New Content

Up to now Cubify’s 3D model content has been somewhat simplistic. Toys, simple personalized items and the like have been the staple of online 3D content within 3D Systems’s Cubify operation. But now they’re taking a different and far more serious direction.    If you hit the Cubify site now, (dubbed “2.0” by 3D Systems),… Continue reading Cubify‚Äôs 3D New Content

Klone World

At CES we encountered Klone World in the 3D Systems’ booth. Klone World is a service that provides the increasingly popular ability to implant your 3D face on a figurine. Klone World offers a number of different figurine scenarios and poses, different than those offered by 3D Systems’ 3DMe service.    Amazingly, the service works… Continue reading Klone World

The Scoop on ABS and PLA

Most personal 3D printers use PLA or ABS plastic, but how much do you actually know about these materials? Aside from the fact that ABS’s melting temperature is somewhat higher than PLA, and that ABS is somewhat stronger than PLA, most 3D printer owners could be challenged to say more.    Don’t fear: there is… Continue reading The Scoop on ABS and PLA

A 100% Plastic 3D Printer?

Many designs of self-reproducing 3D printers have been produced and built; that’s the goal of the RepRap project. But are they truly reproducing themselves?    Not exactly; the machines are – so far – only capable of reproducing most of the major  plastic components, such as the image above, which was apparently the very first… Continue reading A 100% Plastic 3D Printer?

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Battle of the Mini 3D Printers

Some say the pricing of assembled 3D printers from the major manufacturers has risen, and in some cases they have, but usually accompanied with a series of new useful features. To counteract the ‚Äúprice barrier‚ÄĚ, as perceived by new members of the 3D printing community, the majors have developed ‚Äúmini‚ÄĚ 3D printers.    The first… Continue reading Battle of the Mini 3D Printers

Cubify’s Advanced Material Cartridges

Cubify’s new Cube 3 includes a fascinating new feature: extremely simplified material loading, made possible only through the development of a new way to handle plastic filament.    The new cartridges are quite different from any generic spool you’ve seen before. They’re sealed to prevent dust and dirt from contaminating the filament (which eventually clogs… Continue reading Cubify‚Äôs Advanced Material Cartridges

Thoughts on MakerBot’s Curious Replicator Z18

Of all the 3D printers marketed by MakerBot since its founding, we find the Replicator Z18 to be the most curious. While previous models (and even the new Mini and Replicator) seemed to be logical extensions and modifications of prior units, the Z18 is quite different:   It’s in a completely different price range: whereas… Continue reading Thoughts on MakerBot‚Äôs Curious Replicator Z18

Two 3D Printing Companies, Two Big Stars

Some outside the 3D printing community have a hard time connecting with the latest happenings. It can be quite technical at times and it’s even more difficult to relate that technology to one’s personal life. This connection is critical for 3D printing companies because that’s how you persuade the public to buy your products: find… Continue reading Two 3D Printing Companies, Two Big Stars

Finally, a 3D Printer Statistic

At CES 2014 MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis dropped a stat we’d been waiting to hear. Pettis claimed that MakerBot has sold and shipped over 44,000 MakerBot 3D printers so far.    We’re excited because such information is very hard to come by from 3D printer manufacturers. While most manufacturers will claim (correctly) that their sales… Continue reading Finally, a 3D Printer Statistic