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Additive industries Introduces… Something?

Down a central aisle at Euromold we discovered a mysterious box from Additive Industries. We stopped by to find out what’s in it.

It turns out that Additive Industries is developing a new “industrial system” that is specifically designed for metal production using 3D printing technology. 

The as-yet unnamed product is intended to be a system that includes all required elements for metal production, much more than simply a 3D printer for metal. We understand the final product will include elements capable of performing post processing, cleaning, milling, measurement, heat treatments and more. These functions will be integrated, providing a significantly easier workflow for manufacturers. Apparently the workflow will include “fully automated handling”. 

Eindhoven-based Additive Industries says the functions selected were based on very extensive interviews with clients, who repeatedly indicated these were the requirements for properly producing metal objects. 

As one might imagine, the product is not yet available, and for now is only known by its internal code name: “Apollo”. They expect to launch the product next year at EuroMold.

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