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3D MakerJet’s Originator Series of 3D Printers

3D MakerJet is a small manufacturer of personal 3D printers. We took a look at their rather broad product line. 

Most small manufacturers produce one or two models, but 3D Makerjet offers four very different models at attractive prices.  All are plastic extrusion-based devices with varying capabilities. 

The Originator i1 is the least expensive model, priced at only USD$799. The machine includes an enclosed chamber and heated bed, permitting more reliable printing of ABS and PLA plastics in its 150 x 150 x 140mm build volume, with a layer resolution up to 0.1mm. All models employ a “Heavy Duty Stainless Steel frame and assembly”, according to 3D MakerJet.

The Originator i2 provides similar characteristics, but offers a much larger build volume of 250 x 150 x 140mm. It’s price is more than doubled over the i1 to USD$1699. 

The Originator i20 again features similar characteristics, but offers a generous 250 x 250 x 200mm build volume. The price also increases to USD$5,499. 

The flagship 3D printer in the line is the Originator 35 (at top), with a healthy 150 x 150 x 350mm build volume, taller than many delta printers. It’s priced at USD$5,999. 

The two higher end models pose an interesting buying choice. While they are priced at almost the same level, one provides an ability to print very tall objects, while the other can print shorter, but wider objects. It just depends on what you intend to print. 

Via 3D MakerJet

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