Blueprinter Update

We first wrote of Blueprinter a few years ago. It’s time for an update.

The Denmark-based company did not yet market its products last year when we first encountered them, but since January of this year the company is selling 3D printers. Blueprinter uses a patented powder-based heat process to create 3D prints, used by no other company.

The new M2 model is more sophisticated and uses more controls to monitor temperature throughout the printing process, critical to quality output. The M2 also now includes water-cooled print heads. 

Blueprinter has been working on different materials from their initial plastic powder. We were shown a flexible plastic that is a derivative of their original material. Accordingly, they’ve upgraded the firmware in their printers to accommodate multiple material choices. 

While they company has secured 34 distribution partners in Europe and Asia for the €22,000 (USD$27,000) printer, they have not yet begun sales in the USA. They expect to do so in 2015. 

Via Blueprinter

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