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MakeXYZ and CGTrader Receive Big Cash

MakeXYZ CGTrader.jpg

The public perception of 3D printing has changed. How do we know this? Just take at look at the cash invested in two growing 3D print companies. 
In a report on TechCrunch, Intel Capital, the venture fund of the chip manufacturing giant, has invested unknown amounts in CGTrader and MakeXYZ. 
CGTrader is a very popular and rapidly growing online marketplace for 3D models. Designers may submit their works for sale on the site, which currently holds works from over 35,000 designers. 

MakeXYZ is a crowdsourced network of personally owned 3D printers for hire. The service makes connections between printer owners and those needing prints. It’s a great service for both users and owners, who often have idle machines with which they can make some extra cash. 

Where does this leave MakeXYZ’s main competitor, 3D Hubs? Actually, it’s a bit of a catchup for MakeXYZ, who previously received major investment from Balderton Capital of London. 
Via TechCrunch

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