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Love By Me’s 3D Printed Heart

A new service jointly developed by Sculpteo and Dassault Systèmes hopes to provide lovers worldwide with a new option. 

The straightforward “Love By Me” service offers a quick way to custom design a 3D printed heart, suitable for hanging by keychain, necklace or keyring. The system takes as input two names and a size - and automatically generates a 3D heart design where the names wrap around to form the shape. 

love by me panel.jpg

Two sizes are offered, 25 and 35mm. Colors are possible, and the item can be produced in either polyamide, alumide or sterling silver. We suspect silver is the only way to go on this piece. A two-choice button and type in some names? What could be simpler? 

The idea was developed by Dassault Systèmes, who prepared a script to execute in their 3D modeling tool, Catia. 

We like this type of ultra-simple consumer-oriented service, as it breaks the 3D modeling barrier to 3D printing. Could this be a test by Dassault Systèmes of the concept? If it works, we might see an avalanche of these types of online design tools soon. 

Via Love By Me and Sculpteo

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