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Making a 3D Printer Out of Junk

These days the focus has been on increasingly sophisticated, pre-assembled shiny 3D printers that work out of the box. But what if you wanted to build one from scrap?

That’s the project being undertaken by hobbyist Michael Ball of Toronto. He saw reports of the African experiment where a 3D printer was built from e-waste and wondered if it was possible to do it himself. 

He’s just started on this venture and has so far obtained a couple of leftover all-in-one 2D printers to scavenge for useful components such as linear bearings, stepper motors, etc. He’s also obtained some T-Slot extrusions to make up the frame of his future device. 

His budget estimate for the project is USD$355, which is actually more than some currently available 3D printer kits. 

But it will be his 3D printer. He says: 

Wish me luck...

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