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3D Hubs Rakes in Major Cash

Burgeoning 3D printing network 3D Hubs made a rather spectacular announcement: they’re raised a significant investment. 

Specifically they’ve been provided with USD$4.5M from UK-based Balderton Capital, a major venture capital firm, who have funded dozens of successful startup companies. 

The cash will enable 3D Hubs to significantly beef up their staff, support, advertising, partnerships and community. One of the first benefits of the funding round will include an office in Brooklyn, USA, which could add up to ten additional staff. 

Our spies suggest the investment implies 3D Hubs has a current valuation of something close to USD$30M. This, we think, is a pretty big deal. Imagine a 3D printing company that launched only a year and a half ago now being worth USD$30. With that growth rate, one can only imagine where they’ll be in the future. Indeed, the funding likely follows their participant growth curve, which has been steadily growing. As of this writing, 3D Hubs boasts over 7,000 participating 3D printers around the world. That’s momentum. 

The funding also means 3D Hubs really is on track to become a large-scale 3D print service. Could they become a serious threat to Shapeways and Sculpteo? Perhaps. 

Ironically, Shapeway’s Factory of the Future is also located in Brooklyn. 

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