Le FabShop Transitions

Le Fab Shop is a France-based 3D print operation you may have heard of, but now they’re beginning a transition. 

Le Fab Shop, launched in 2012 by entrepreneur Bertier Luyt, is actually a small conglomerate of 3D print-related activities, including: 

  • 3D design services to assist projects requiring 3D models
  • A makerspace-like operation permitting the public to rapidly get up to speed on 3D printing and making
  • An online store specializing in 3D print gear and supplies
  • A 3D print service capable of printing your 3D models
  • A catalog of ready-made 3D models

Until recently, the company’s primary income has been from reselling 3D print equipment, but that’s slowly changing. Le FabShop has been reselling MakerBot equipment, but with MakerBot’s gradual shift to larger scale resellers, things become more difficult for smaller resellers. 

This means change for smaller operations like Le FabShop, who have decided to emphasize development of “their own” added value and depend less on external products. 

Specifically, they’re intending on leaning harder on their six-person design team, who have been creating unique content for the 3D printing world for the past two years. Their skills are evidenced by some very notable designs, such as their iconic “Elephant” shown above, which has become a standard item for personal 3D printing. Many fascinating designs from Le FabShop have been posted to Thingiverse

Aside from design content, the company is also stepping into education with the production of a book introducing 3D printing. The book, whose first release will be in French, details not only the basics of 3D printing, but also uses some of their unique content as examples. They’re expecting the book to be released in English soon, followed by a German edition. A second book for “3D printing ninjas” is also in the works. 

To make their transition even more successful, we’re told the company is open to investors who wish to provide a financial boost to their ambitious plans. If you’d like to get involved, we recommend contacting Mr. Luyt at Le FabShop.

Via Le FabShop

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