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BEETHEFIRST’s New Filament Policy

BEEVERYCREATIVE has changed their filament usage policy - for the better. 

BEEVERYCREATIVE, the company who makes the snazzy BEETHEFIRST personal 3D printer, has issued a statement changing their policy regarding use of filament. Previously you were required to use only their filament spools in the machine, otherwise you risked invalidating the warranty. 

Now they say this: 

Customers may now choose any brand of PLA available, without voiding the warranty. Should anything go wrong, a Maintenance Kit will be available and an interactive troubleshooting shall allow any issue to be solved by the customer. 

They also say, correctly, that the filament they provide is “tested and optimized” for their equipment, and that their software’s printing profiles expect BEEVERYCREATIVE filament. Owners using alternative filaments, take note. 

Nevertheless, they’ve made a step towards openness that we feel will be received warmly by their clients. While the spool size on the BEETHEFIRST is a little unusual, many people would certainly like to try other types of filaments in the machine. 

BEEVERYCREATIVE did one more good thing: they reduced the price of BEETHEFIRST to €1,299 (USD$1,450).


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