Is There A Campaign Against Stratasys?

We’re reading a curious story from Ticker Report that highlights someone selling their stake in Stratasys. Is this important? We think not. 

The Ticker Report is one of countless online journals attempting to provide recommendations for stock buys and sells. If you get into this world, there are numerous methods by which pundits justify their suggestions, sometimes with numerical analytics, sometimes with corporate analyses, and sometimes with “evidence”. 

In this case, the headline reads “Lowe FS Eliminates Position In Stratasys, Ltd.” From that headline, you’d immediately think that a major investment firm just dumped a monstrous pile of Stratasys stock on the market because they obviously believe the price is going nowhere, fast. 

But let’s read on in the article. It says: 

The firm previously had a 446 share stake in the company, valued at approximately $11,943. Lowe FS had fully closed out its position in company by the time it had filed its quarterly disclosure.

What? They sold USD$12,000 in stock? That’s it? 

This, in a company whose stock traded 445,471 shares last Thursday according to the SAME REPORT! 

It seems to us that some seek to discredit Stratasys in an effort to keep driving the price down when we see several reports like this. 

There’s actually a game being played behind the scenes, where some investors have opted for “short” positions, in which they are poised to profit if the stock falls below certain levels. Thus, it’s possible some of them attempt to influence general feelings on a stock with questionable reports. 

Meanwhile, other pundits have written positive outlooks and recommendations for Stratasys – and other 3D printing companies, too. 

The bottom line for us is that it appears the long fall of 3D printing stock may be ending, as we seem to be observing a bit of a media battle between bulls and bears. 

For us, we’re feeling positive in the long term, as it is quite obvious to any who have delved into 3D printing that it is indeed a highly useful technology that, while limited in useful scope today, should over time gradually take over increasing portions of the manufacturing sector. 

It may be a good time to buy 3D printing stock. 

Via Ticker Report

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