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Autodesk’s Ember 3D Printer Now On Sale

The Spark initiative by Autodesk has finally released their first 3D printer for public sale, the Ember. 

The Ember is the first 3D printer produced by Autodesk, long known as a software company specializing in 2D and 3D products. They’re billing the device as a “reference machine”, from which others may be inspired (or licensed) to produce similar 3D printers with the technology. 

Ember emerges from their “Spark” program, which is tightly related to software. Autodesk explains: 

Spark is a set of open source APIs and free cloud services that enable 3D applications and services to better prepare, optimize and deliver 3D models for any 3D printer or service bureau.

Thus, they’ve made a 3D printer that adheres to these standards. Meanwhile, this very attractive 3D printer is based on a DLP-resin process that’s capable of very decent 3D prints. It’s capable of 0.01mm layers in a build volume of 64 x 40 x 134mm, typical of similarly priced resin 3D printers. We’ve seen prints from this machine and they are indeed very good.

You can get your own Ember, if you’re quick: only “limited” quantities are currently available, and then only to US and Canada delivery addresses. They’re hoping to add Europe to the schedule in April. For USD$5,995 you’ll get an Ember, finishing equipment and two liters of resin. 

Via Autodesk Spark

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