Automated Part-Removing 3D Printer: The NVPro

Although we’ve seen an influx in the amount of 3D printers to hit the market in recent years, there is still only one that completely automates the process from start to finish, and that is the NVPro from NVBOTS.

The team at New Valance Robotics has designed and built the hardware and software to automate the entire 3D printing process, from start to finish. The NVPro incorporates a robotic part remover device, allowing for several new advantages over other FDM 3D printers. 

The greatest use for this new feature is the ability to queue prints. You no longer need to wait until the printer is finished to tell it what to make next. With the NVPro, you simply drag and drop multiple objects in the order you want them to be printed into the browser-based software, and the printer will automatically remove each print when finished, and start the next one. 

Another user-friendly enhancement only seen in this printer, is the ability to print multiple objects in sequence from any device, anywhere cloud connected. Allowing for the user to operate the printer off site, adding prints to the queue throughout the day, and return to the printer with a hopper full of prints. Much like the paper tray on modern inkjet printers. All while watching it from your phone through the on board webcam.

All these features combined has lead to one of the most user friendly, innovative 3D printers available today. Designed primarily for educational and commercial uses, this 3D printer is available for between USD$2,999 – USD$9,999 per year.


Fabbaloo correspondent & 3D Printing enthusiast Mike Difronzo – Founder WiZE 3D

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