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Design of the Week: Jeri Sculpture

This week’s selection is the amazing Jeri Sculpture by 3D artist James Stewart. 

Seen recently at the NYC 3D Printshow, the sculpture is a more refined - and much larger - version of the Brazilan Blue version we saw last year. This version includes much more tattoo art and is finished to a ceramic shine. 

But what is happening to the figure? Stewart explains: 

“Jeri” is a Capoeria dancer/fighter from Jercoacoaria (Brazil). On the surface he is in a resting pose, taking a break between training sessions. The pose captures the moment of relaxation but the sculpted surface and exaggerated features, like the veins, alludes to the moment; the blood coursing through his veins before he performs again. 

The work is originally based on a 3D scan of a hand-sculpted figure, but has been extensively modeled in Adobe Photoshop CC and ZBrush to produce the segments which were assembled into this incredible 3D printed sculpture. 

One of the more difficult tasks to produce the sculpture was the highly-detailed tattoos emblazoned on Jeri’s body. These represent Brazilian graffiti, and had to be applied to the surfaces using Adobe’s tools. 

We like this sculpture immensely, as the shape itself conveys so much feeling, as you can see in the over-the-shoulder image above. A brilliant work. 

Via James Stewart Sculpture

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