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Design of the Week: Brazilian Blue

This week’s selection is the colorful Brazilian Blue capeoria dancer sculpture by artist James Stewart. 

This work is truly a combination of artistic technologies: originally a clay sculpture made by the artist’s hand, it was bronzed to become “Jeri” in 2011. The clay model was 3D scanned and converted into a 3D model. 

Stewart used the increasingly popular Adobe Photoshop CC to paint the surface of the model with the cerulean blue skin but also Brazilian Graffiti. He says: 

Brazilian Blue is a capeoria dancer from Jercoacoaria. He was originally hand-sculpted and has been bronzed at double life size. This piece has Brazilian Graffiti on the surface mixed with modern art, challenging the viewer to consider which is which. Beneath the resting, a powerful Brazil is about to rise. 

With the increasing availability of full color 3D printing, we suspect Adobe’s painting tools may soon become a lot more popular, particularly when artists demonstrate the potential as Stewart has done here. 

Via James Stewart

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