BEEVERYCREATIVE’s Incredible Battery Backup!

Today we witnessed something never seen before: a 3D printer with onboard battery backup. 

The new BEEVERYCREATIVE BEETHEFIRST+, announced yesterday, turns out to have a secret and amazing feature: it has a hidden internal battery pack capable of holding power for 5-10 minutes. 

If you suspect this is important, you’re correct: YOU CAN UNPLUG THIS MACHINE AND IT STILL PRINTS!

Don’t believe us? Just watch this video:

Yes, this really happened. 

Why is this important? It’s not that you’d literally wish to run a print on battery power alone; that would take far longer than the extended power provided by BEEVERYCREATIVE’s battery. 

No, this feature is for power bumps and temporary failures. 

Imagine: you’re in the midst of an overnight 17-hour print. In the morning you discover your electrical power bumped during the night at hour 15.5, stopping – and ruining – the print. 

With this feature, such circumstances will never occur. The battery will keep the machine running perfectly until power is restored. Normally, the standard power input is used to run the machine and also to charge the battery, so it’s always ready to go. 

The new battery feature is to be installed by default on the new BEETHEFIRST+ and also the BEE IN SCHOOL models both announced earlier this week. 

Battery backup: Should be a standard feature on every 3D printer. 


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