Create It REAL Supercharges the Hotrod Henry

Remember our post on Create It REAL’s stunning 3D printer controller? Now it’s powering yet another 3D printer.

The controller board contains a custom processing chip specifically designed for 3D printing, and is spectacularly faster than other 3D printer controllers. They currently partner with Dynamo3D to power their D3D Evo One, which is able to print at an amazing 450mm/sec (that’s printing speed, not travel speed!) With appropriately matched hardware, the company believes the board could power a 3D printer at a warp-like 1,800mm/second. 

Create It REAL has now partnered with aye aye labs to power the company’s vintage-looking, large-sized Hotrod Henry 3D printer. Now you can not only buy a 3D printer with a 1950’s appearance, but it can be supercharged, like a 1950’s hotrod, too. 

That’s what they call the “Hotrod Henry Supercharged”, and it has all the great characteristics of the original Hotrod Henry, but with significant added speed. 

The “basic” Hotrod Henry prints at a typical 110mm/second, while the supercharged version powers along at up to a screaming 450mm/second. 

This is a critical feature for a machine with Hotrod Henry’s massive 350 x 350 x 600mm build volume. With such huge volume prints would obviously take some time to complete. In fact, aye aye labs representatives showed us prints that took days to complete, with supercharged versions taking much less time. 

They’re still working on benchmarks, but it seems to us that if you want to print large items, you probably want them done as quickly as possible. Pricing for the supercharged model is to be set near €9,000 (USD$9,910) when the machine is released.

Via aye aye labs and Create It REAL

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