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Another MeshMixer Update For You To Download

Autodesk has released another update to their increasingly useful (and free) MeshMixer 3D utility. 

If you haven’t yet tried MeshMixer, we are wondering why you haven’t. This entirely free tool, donated to the 3D printing community by Autodesk is so incredibly useful it should be essential for anyone owning a 3D printer. Yesterday they released a new version that makes things even better. 

The new release, 2.9.2, is actually a minor update, but the tool is so useful we need only a little push to tell you again that MeshMixer must be in your 3D toolkit. 

Specifically the new version offers a number of minor improvements, the most notable to us being: 

  • Direct access to Tinkerplay libraries
  • The “Make Solid” command can now transfer colors and bake output vertex colors
  • “Non-power of two” textures are now supported (yay!)
  • The selection brush can now drag-expand selections

It seems the folks at MeshMixer HQ have re-engineered the Make Solid command, specifically energizing its color capabilities. 

In addition, a number of miscellaneous bug fixes were repaired. 

While we are very happy with the product’s capabilities and features (with the exception of missing 3D Connexion support on OS/X, hint), we’re also very pleased to see Autodesk continuing to develop and improve the product. Some free 3D utilities have extremely slow development programs, perhaps due to the limited resources of their open source structures. Meanwhile, Autodesk continues to power MeshMixer. Thanks, Autodesk! 

Via MeshMixer and 123DApp

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