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Stratasys Workflow Contest Open - Enter Now!

If you haven’t already given it a try, we encourage you to enter our latest contest. It’s easy to enter and there are terrific prizes. 

It’s called a “workflow” contest because that’s what we’re looking for: a simple, short description of how 3D printing can - or has - changed your workflow in a positive manner. We all know that 3D printing can be a game-changer in many artistic, development, design and manufacturing scenarios, and we’re quite sure there are many stories to be told. 

Why do this? Why take a whole FIVE minutes of your time to enter this contest? It’s simple: we will select the most interesting workflow story as the winner when the contest closes. The winning entry will receive from Stratasys a custom-3D printed nameplate and a USD$200 gift certificate from Amazon. Fabbaloo will also compose a dedicated blog post to highlight the idea. 

How do you enter? Again, it’s a very simple process. Just go to this page and enter your information along with a short description of your workflow idea. 

We hope to see your entry soon! 

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