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The Gross "Modular Body" Isn’t Really 3D Printed

3D printed modular body being assembled3

3D printed modular body being assembled3

I’m perusing an extremely strange site describing “Oscar”, said to be the world’s first 3D printed modular organism. 

Warning, this is pretty creepy stuff. 

The site describes a mysterious project in which a living organism is designed in a modular way and then 3D printed into components. They wish to re-engineer the human body into a componentized version that would include replaceable, highly efficient and immortal parts. Henceforth, human reproduction would take place in a lab. Their goal is to produce a hand-sized prototype to demonstrate the technology. 

This video, one of apparently 56 in the series, shows how the pieces are connected to form a working “organism”:

“The organs are now collaborating!”

No, this isn’t real. It’s a science fiction video series. 

What’s interesting is that it capitalizes on the idea of 3D printing in a science fiction way. Here you can see a portion of a video that shows how some of the components might have been bioprinted. 

Bioprinting a component of the modular body prototype

Bioprinting a component of the modular body prototype

The result is a bizarre autonomous robot organism that apparently seeks a comfortable +37C environment. 

One more time, this is fiction. It’s not real. 

But that’s today. What might happen in the future when bioprinters become more capable? Could something like this actually happen? 

Maybe, but not at my home. 

Via The Modular Body

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