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Need a Custom 3D Print Material? Call ADVANC3D Materials!

Some of ADVANC3D Materials' products

Some of ADVANC3D Materials' products

There are many companies producing materials for 3D printing applications, but this one has an interesting speciality: custom materials. 

Hamburg-based ADVANC3D Materials produces a wide array of materials for use in 3D printing systems, including both powder for SLS machines and filament-based products. 

Their powder products include nylons, flexible TPU, high temperature materials, composites, anti-static, flame retardant, carbon fiber, and conductive powders. 

In the filament area, ADVANC3D Materials produces materials in many colors, special effects, flame retardant, antistatic, conductive, magnetic and water soluble. 

As you can tell, this company is capable of producing almost any kind of plastic material for 3D printing. But this is where it gets interesting. 

They will make custom materials based on your specifications. 

For example, let’s say you need a material that has a very specific degree of conductivity. You could request they make such a material, and they will. Even better, they will work with you on your project to ensure it’s correct. 

They are also able to produce filaments with very specific colors. Need a particular PANTONE color for a project? ADVANC3D Materials can make it for you. 

And they’re adding to their capabilities as time passes: I’ve heard they’re developing a medical filament that should be out soon, for example. These materials can also be certified if required. 

Of course, ADVANC3D Materials also offers “regular” stock materials for purchase at their web site. For these you will pay “regular” prices. 

For custom materials, however, you will obviously pay more. But depending on your needs, they may be just what you need. 

Via ADVANC3D Materials

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