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WI3DP Offers In-Person Networking Meetup

There's a 3D printing event taking place in San Francisco

There's a 3D printing event taking place in San Francisco

The Women in 3D Printing group has scheduled a meetup for September in the Bay Area. 

We’ve long supported the inclusion of women in the 3D printing community and would like to mention the group has organized a meetup focused on 3D modeling and scanning.

The event is set for September 8th at 6PM in San Francisco, at PARISOMA, 169 11th Street, if you happen to be in the area at that time. 

The event includes several expert speakers focused on 3D modeling and scanning: 

Honeypoint3D’s Liza Wallach Kloski will deliver information based on her experience offering educational classes on 3D modeling, 3D scanning and 3D printing. 

Christina Douk will speak on her experience creating sculptures for games and toys using 3D modeling techniques.

Lisa Frederici of Scansite3D will speak on high-powered 3D scanning technologies and initiatives. 

There is a small cost to attend of USD$15, but I suspect the discussions and networking after the formal presentations will make that a very worthwhile fee. 

Via EventBrite

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