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Fabbaloo’s Buying Guide Expands

 Fabbaloo's many interactive buying guides

Fabbaloo's many interactive buying guides

We’ve added a new section to our interactive Buying Guides: Events

We’ve been publishing a set of interactive buying guides for a few years now and have received many positive comments about them. The idea is that the choices to be made when purchasing equipment or services are challenging and we want to make the decisions simpler. 

Particularly in the desktop 3D printing area, some new operators don’t know how to properly interpret the machine specifications. Sometimes vendors emphasize statistics that make their machines look good, but may have little to do with the actual end user experience. Instead, our buying guides focus on usage: what is it you actually want to do? Then select a machine that does that. 

Beyond desktop 3D printers, our buying guides include a variety of other options including materials, services and software. 

But now we’re introduced a new section on Events. 

The Events section intends on displaying major conferences, exhibitions and events where you can see multiple 3D printers and associated software, supplies and services first hand. 

It’s one thing to read about machines, but quite another to see them in person. When you are checking out a machine first hand, you will notice many more things than you would read about. This is even more true when you realize that some written material is based on company press releases where they control the information. 

If you intend on attending a 3D print event, you might want to check out our list of conference tips ahead of your journey. 

The new Event section is based on location, as for most people, the critical decision element is the cost to attend, which ultimately depends greatly on the location. Just select the regions where you’re seeking an event and a short list of possibilities will be displayed. 

And of course, if your event would like to be highlighted in the guide, please give us a shout. 

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