Digital Metal is Now Manufacturing the DM P2500

The Hoganas DM P2500 high resolution 3D metal printer

Hoganas announced they’ve begun production of their powerful DM P2500 3D metal printer. 

This is a very important step for the Swedish company, who have long been a provider of high quality 3D printing metal powders to the industry at large. We first encountered them a few years ago when they were very quietly showing incredibly detailed 3D printed metal objects – without showing the device that made them. 

At the time – and still to this day – we have not seen any other 3D metal printing process meet or beat the resolution obtained by the Hoganas process. The samples we saw at FormNext were absurdly tiny, yet still retained accurate form: 

 Incredibly small 3D printed metal parts made by Hoganas
Incredibly small 3D printed metal parts made by Hoganas

These samples were produced by the company’s DM P2500 3D metal printer, which we now know has finally gone into true, serial production. Previously they had been making them one-by-one, one could presume. They explain:

Digital Metal®, the world’s first high-precision 3D metal printer provider, is expanding its operations, increasing the Höganäs plant production area by 50 percent, to support serial manufacturing of its DM P2500 and new components. Since launching in September 2017, the increased demand has also resulted in the need to hire more engineers, technicians and sales employees, as well as investment in new materials R&D.


The production plant and office in Höganäs will be expanded by 50 percent. This includes installation of a new vacuum extraction system and increased compression and cooling power, which will allow Digital Metal to double its sintering capacity. There will also be a separate room for quality control and an isolated space for printing with materials that require special handling.

 Highly detailed tiny 3D metal figurines made by Hoganas 
Highly detailed tiny 3D metal figurines made by Hoganas 

I’m not surprised, as the quality of the Hoganas prints is quite incredible. But it seems that they had some work to persuade clients of the potential uses of the unusual equipment that they’ve undertaken over the past two years. Now that seems to have been paid off, as they are in the process of building the first batch of six machines. 

I have a suspicion they will sell far more than just six machines. 

Via Hoganas

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