Desktop 3D Printers from Weedo

The tiny Tina II 3D printer from Weedo

We ran into a vendor I hadn’t seen before: Weedo.

The Chinese company was exhibiting their very inexpensive desktop 3D printer units at CES and we thought we’d find out more about their product. 

The company has been in existence for only four years, so it could still be considered a new venture. They produce only 3D printers, and are not associated with a larger manufacturing entity, as many other Asian 3D printer ventures appear to be. However, Jiansung Wiiboox Technology Co Ltd, the company behind the Weedo brand, is associated with Jiangsu Overseas Group Corporation, which provides import and export services. 

In 2015 the company made its first sale in China after over a year of product development. Now they’re hoping to expand sales worldwide, and started the process by exhibiting at CES where they hoped to be noticed. Currently they boast of five desktop units using plastic extrusion on their website, but it seems they have two more models in the works. 

One of the machines they’re currently marketing is the Tina II, a very small machine that’s capable of 3D printing in PLA. It has a small build volume of only 115 x 115 x 115mm, but for small experiments and hobby use this would prove ideal, particularly for children. 

The Tina II is priced at approximately USD$200 per unit, which is certainly a low price. 

 The top of the Tina II desktop 3D printer
The top of the Tina II desktop 3D printer

There’s also the M2, a larger model with a 200 x 150 x 150mm build volume. It retails for USD$499, but current does not include a heated print surface. However, we’re told this month they should launch a newer model that does indeed include a heated print surface. That should make printing PLA much more reliable. 

The company’s venture into the West requires them to identify resellers for their equipment. That could be a hard thing to do, as there is so much competition. Nevertheless, we’re told that a volume purchase by a reseller could be had for only USD$130 per unit, so a USD$70 profit could be made. However, for that you’d have to commit to at least 10,000 units. That would be difficult to sell in this market, I think. 

Via Wiiboox

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