3D Printing Surveys Are Important!

 Raise3D factory [Source: Raise3D]
Raise3D factory [Source: Raise3D]

Raise3D has launched a manufacturing survey to assist in their future strategies.

In a LinkedIn post, Raise3D’s Diogo Quental asks manufacturers to fill out a short survey on 3D printing usage and priorities. While this may seem to be a routine event by a 3D printer manufacturer, there’s a few things to be said.

After going through the survey, it appears that Raise3D is gathering information to help them devise plans for their recently-announced RaiseFactory systems. They introduced the idea at the recent Hannover Messe event and plan to launch this first step into Flexible Manufacturing solutions this fall. The RaiseFactory setup is based on the company’s Pro2 3D printers and RaiseCloud print management software.

The survey asks plenty of questions about the priority of the costs of various operational factors involved in 3D printed manufacturing, as well as questions about the different types of materials used, or potentially used in your equipment. It seems they would likely design their new “flexible manufacturing platform” around these needs.

That’s why surveys are critically important: they don’t know what you need unless you tell them. They cannot read your mind!

Sure, a manufacturer like Raise3D could make some educated guesses about what their clients might need in a changing industry environment, but there is no substitute for getting it directly from the clients and prospects. Very often findings are quite different from what was expected, and thus survey results are of great importance to the manufacturer.

But for the client or prospect, it’s also important. It is a way for them to make a kind of “indirect request” for a product. If the specific reply lines up with the majority, it’s likely the product may actually be built. All 3D printing surveys are important; if we share our needs among the community, practical progress will occur.

Raise3D has promised to release the results of the survey, and we’re quite interested to see them ourselves. If you are into 3D printed manufacturing in any way, I encourage you to fill out this short survey.

Via SurveyMonkey

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