Steady Progress at Stratasys

Stratasys’ first quarter 2019 results look promising

Stratasys announced their quarterly financial results this week, and it looks pretty good for the 3D printing giant.

They reported more-or-less similar results to prior reports, with margins being similar. However, the important difference was they continue to chip away at the ongoing losses.

In this report, they report the GAAP net loss was US$2.3M, as opposed to US$13.0M in the same quarter last year. That’s a significant change. If they continue this trend, as they have been recently, they will eventually transform into a profitable company.

You might be wondering about these big numbers. If someone said they lost over US$2M, you might have some reason for concern. I am not particularly concerned about Stratasys’ ongoing losses, as they must be put into perspective.

The company has at their disposal a huge hoard of cash, now totaling US$367.8M. This is what’s holding them up for the moment. And if you do the calculation of losing US$2.3M per quarter, this pile allows them to function without major issue for about 40 years. I’m sure they will reverse things well before then!

They’re in a very good position with this cash, as it allows them the freedom to take time to develop their next big thing, which I am sure is brewing in their labs. So far we’ve seen a couple of interesting demonstration devices and had some updates on their upcoming work in metal, none which have yet appeared in public. But their presence shows that Stratasys is not sitting still and is definitely working on things behind the scenes.

I can’t tell you how important this financial situation is for a 3D printing company. Most operations are severely constrained by finances, and thus even if they have the best possible ideas for products, they cannot always get them executed. Stratasys is definitely not in that position, and thus has a significant advantage over most other companies.

Now we have to see what they come up with.

Via Stratasys

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