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Book of the Week: The Knowledge

Book of the Week: The Knowledge

The Knowledge [Source: Amazon]

The Knowledge [Source: Amazon]

This week’s selection is “The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Civilization in the Aftermath of a Cataclysm” by Lewis Dartnell.

This is an unusual selection for us, as we typically pick books directly related to 3D printing. This book is not, but I believe it will resonate with Fabbaloo readers because it talks about something we are all concerned about on a daily basis: making and creating.

Only in this case, it’s a bit different.

Dartnell lays out the apocalyptic scenario where civilization has been destroyed entirely, and you have to “start over”. Yes, from scratch.

Would you know what to do? How could you make the things we all need to survive and thrive? Does anyone know?

You will, if you read this book. Perhaps you’ll keep it as a kind of disaster cookbook, just in case the worst case actually happens. There is a slim chance our dear planet Earth may be subject to comet impacts, nearby gamma ray supernovae, global pandemic, alien invasion or large-scale natural or climate disaster. Some disaster scenarios result in zero survivors, in which case this handbook would not be particularly useful. However, there are many scenarios in which society collapses yet humanity survives.

We will most likely have to deal with climate change.

Regardless of how the world was destroyed, it could be your task to bring it back to life. Dartnell provides a step-by-step process for doing so. After a discussion of disaster scenarios, he reviews these areas of concern:

  • Agriculture

  • Food & clothing

  • Substances

  • Materials

  • Medicine

  • Power

  • Transport

  • Communication

  • Chemistry

  • And much more.

Do 3D printers come into play here? Not really, as they are an advanced manufacturing process that has only recently become possible. It would not be feasible until one had access to electricity, motors, computing, reliable materials and likely a lot more. But 3D printing could be a future goal of a rebirthed civilization.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs [Source: Simply Psychology]

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs [Source: Simply Psychology]

If one were to create a needs pyramid for manufacturing in the same style as Maslow’s famous Hierarchy of Needs, 3D printing would likely be near the top.

But you have to start somewhere, and that’s what this book is all about.

Via Amazon

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