More Changes At The Top of Stratasys

 Elchanan Jaglom, Chairman of the Board at Stratasys [Source: Stratasys]
Elchanan Jaglom, Chairman of the Board at Stratasys [Source: Stratasys]

Stratasys is losing their long-time board chair. 

The company announced that Elchanan Jaglom, Chairman of the Board at Stratasys, will step down in three months. He says:

“It has been a privilege to serve as the Chairman of Stratasys through over 20 years of industry leadership and I am proud of the success we have achieved as the global leader in 3D Printing. I am excited and confident about the future for Stratasys. We are entering a new phase as we prepare to introduce innovation and deliver on a game-changing roadmap in the coming years. I will continue to passionately support the Company as a member of the Board and intend on working closely with our newly appointed CEO, Yoav Zeif, whose experience will advance Stratasys to new heights of success.”

Zeif was appointed as CEO of Stratasys only two months ago, and the replacement of the board chair means a complete sweep of leadership. 

Why is this happening? I suspect that Jaglom is simply stepping away, having done the role or similar for in excess of 20 years. After helping secure a new CEO, perhaps he feels it is a good time to move on. 

I don’t believe we will see dramatic changes in Stratasys as a result of these moves, in spite of the magnitude of these changes. The company has been in operation for decades and has always made incremental moves. That’s not likely to change. 

Via BusinessWire

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