Memories Of KD

, Memories Of KD

My final KD dish, with some added parmesan on top [Source: Fabbaloo]

Like most readers, I’ve been locked up for weeks and my interests have shifted somewhat during these times. 

Many people have taken a sudden interest in foods, far more than usual, and I’m the same. I’ve been pouring through recipes and trying out concoctions never previously attempted. Most fail, of course, as I’m not in any way a chef. 

One thing that’s recurring, however, is memories of comfort food from long ago. Sure, there are some family favorites, but one keeps surfacing in my mind: KD. 

What Is KD?

If you’re not Canadian, it’s likely you have no idea what “KD” could be. KD or an equivalent is available in most countries, although it may be by a different name. In the USA, “KD” or “Kraft Dinner” is known as “Kraft Mac & Cheese”, while it’s “Cheesey Pasta” in the UK. There’s even a Wikipedia entry for KD.

When I was a child this was one of my favorite meals. It was pasta and it was cheese and it was delicious. There’s not much more to it, and those are the memories I have of KD. 

I’m sure you’ve eaten this dish, but I had not for many years and sought to try it out again while stuck at home. Interestingly, the Wikipedia entry for KD says: 

“The product’s innovation, at the time of the Great Depression, was to conveniently combine nonperishable dried macaroni noodles with a processed cheese powder into a single purchasable item.”

Maybe it’s time for KD once again. 

Making KD

The process of preparing KD is incredibly simple, and perhaps that’s one of the many reasons for its popularity. You simply boil the pasta, strain it, and mix with some butter. Then, and this is the critically important part: you mix in that magic orange powder! 

, Memories Of KD

The magic KD orange powder [Source: Fabbaloo]

I have no idea what’s in that powder, and probably don’t want to know either. But it is true magic: It transforms the otherwise dull pasta into a sublime and creamy dish that anyone could fall in love with. 

If KD is a perfect dish, I wanted to make it even better. After all, it is actually not the most nutrious meal one could have. I decided to add some nutrients via additional ingredients. 

Yes, I know what you are thinking: You Are Spoiling The KD! To purists, yes, it is spoiled. But you’ll live a lot longer if your KD diet is amplified with some nutrition.

, Memories Of KD

Boiling frozen peas with KD noodles [Source: Fabbaloo]

My first addition was easy: frozen peas. As they’re a bit chewy when frozen, I decided to thaw them out quickly by tossing them in the boiling pasta, which worked out quite well. The boil subsided for a moment while the temperature caught up after introducing the cold peas, but then it was ready, and peas are also caught in the strainer. 

, Memories Of KD

Tuna to mix into KD [Source: Fabbaloo]

My second nutritious ingredient was fish: a plain old can of tuna. This is easily mixed in — but only after the magic cheese powder has been applied — you want to ensure all the noodles are suitably cheesed first. 

At top you can see the result: KD with some nutrition to keep you alive and 3D printing. 

, Memories Of KD

The inexpensive and incredible KD [Source: Fabbaloo]

What other ingredients would you consider mixing in with your KD?

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