Folding Paper with 3D Printing

New research shows an interesting approach for producing mechanical paper devices with 3D printing.

carbon fiber

Advanced 3D Printed Fiber Concept

A paper from the University of Surrey details a new materials concept, but perhaps this could be done with advanced 3D printers.


A Real Water 3D Printer?

Is it possible to 3D print water? While sounding entirely ridiculous, it may be possible to do so.

high temperature

NASA Hopped Up a 3D Printer in 2016

I wish I’d seen this earlier: A 2016 NASA project transformed a desktop 3D printer into one capable of 3D printing ULTEM.

Wohlers Issues 2018 Report

There are an increasing number of industry reports on the 3D printing industry, but one report is the most well known. 

3D Printable Glass?

Research from the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie suggests the possibility of cold 3D printed glass objects. 

Could We Propose Thermoelectric Filament?

I’m reading some interesting research from MIT researchers, who have developed a substance with vastly improved thermoelectric properties. 


BigRep Working on Unusual Extruder

According to insiders, it seems that BigRep is secretly developing a potentially revolutionary new 3D printer extruder. 


3D Printing and Casting In One Step

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA have developed an unusual method of combining two manufacturing processes. 


3D Printed Magnets!

Canadian researchers have discovered a method of producing unusual magnetic objects using 3D printing techniques. 


About That Color Changing Technology

There seems to be lot of news surrounding MIT’s announcement of a color changing 3D printing technology, but how could you use it? 


The Tiny Lunar 3D Printers of the Future

I’m watching an interesting TEDx video on interplanetary architecture and realized something applicable to Earth-bound 3D printing. 

3d hubs

How Long Does a 3D Printer Last?

3D Hubs released their quarterly report on 3D printing trends and it got me thinking about machine lifetimes. 


An Excerpt from Wohlers Report 2017

Earlier this year, ENGINEERING.com had the opportunity to review Wohlers Report 2017. To provide further insight into the report, here we’ve published an excerpt from the report. 


Telescoping 3D Prints?

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a computational technique that could solve issues in 3D printing and enable entirely new classes of printed parts. 


Disney’s Compliant Mechanism System

Entertainment giant Disney has published an interesting study on a system they’ve developed to assist in the design of “compliant objects”, which could be very useful in 3D printing. 

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