Book of the Week: Real-World Stories from the Plant Floor

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Real-World Stories from the Plant Floor [Source: Amazon]

This week’s selection is “Real-World Stories from the Plant Floor” by Michelle Segrest.

On this publication we talk a lot about additive manufacturing, but in truth it’s just one tool of many within a factory. Additively manufactured parts inevitably require further post processing and assembly, meaning that AM is just another step on the chain of activities that make up a production line.

Today’s production lines are extremely complex, as they must be in order to compete against global competition. Every possible method must be used to optimize the cost and duration of to produce each item, while at the same time maintaining the required level of quality.

There are countless approaches that can be used to achieve that optimization, but how does one know what they are?

One option is to attend conferences, where presenters explain their approaches. Another is to do site visits to identify procedures that could be adopted. This is particularly effective if something discovered in one industry is carried into a different industry where no companies currently use that approach.

However, both of those can be expensive and time consuming to execute, as travel has been limited in the past few years, and now as it resumes, is far more expensive.

One alternative is to have a read through this book. It’s a compendium of case studies of different manufacturing operations, each of which offers something different from their environment.

It’s a quick read, and quite possible readers may identify new concepts for manufacturing that prove interesting. They may be large or small ideas, but they could be incredibly useful for a manufacturing operation.

If you’re in a production environment, you could learn some interesting approaches from this book.

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