The Coming Proliferation of High Speed Sintering?

In the last few years, a number of exciting new technologies have emerged in the 3D printing industry that promise the integration of additive manufacturing (AM) into the larger world of manufacturing


A Chocolate 3D Printing Breakthrough?

I’m looking at a Reuters story about a Belgian company that’s created a 3D printed chocolate service, and there seems to be something quite interesting visible. 


How to Speed Up 3D Printing?

Researchers at Binghamton University have explored ways to theoretically increase the speed of filament-based 3D printing systems. 


Meet the EU’s LASSIM Project

The EU is sponsoring a project that is attempting to create the “world’s largest hybrid manufacturing machine”. 


Building a Sand Printer with a Laser Cutter

California-based William Osman has been experimenting with a homemade sand-fusion system based on a laser cutter that could eventually become a full 3D printer. 


BioPrinting Breakthrough in Ireland

Researchers at Trinity College in Dublin have worked out a new process for 3D printing live, complex bone structures. 


LLNL Sheds Light on 3D Printing Next-Gen Metamaterials

U.S. government labs have become involved in 3D printing in a big way, necessarily adopting the technology for research and development purposes since the technology’s inception, but also pushing the boundaries of what 3D printing is truly capable of.


See, 3D Printing is Definitely Not Dead

In spite of the stream of ridiculous mainstream media posts on the “death of 3D printing”, there are plenty of good news stories, too. Here’s two. 


Can You 3D Print a Superconductor?

Selective laser melting process in action. Credit: Tim Sercombe/University of Western Australia
Researchers have been investigating whether it’s possible to 3D print an object that acts as a superconductor. 


3D Printed Construction Milestone Achieved

Netherlands company Heijmans partnered with CyBe Construction to produce prototype concrete formworks. Apparently, they were successful. 


Carbon Dioxide As 3D Printing Material?

Yes, we’ve all seen carbon fiber 3D printing material, but now scientists from the University Of California have managed to use carbon dioxide to 3D print.


New Data On 3D Printer Emissions: Good Or Bad News?

Researchers from several institutions have performed more extensive testing on particulate emissions from commonly available 3D printers, and the results should be known by all 3D printer owners. 


The Best 3D Print Benchmarks: Done?

We 3D printed two popular benchmark 3D models on a top quality industrial 3D printer, the Stratasys Objet Connex260. 


IT’S ALIVE!? 3D Printing of Micro-Organs

Printing functioning organs may still sound like science fiction, but a new process for creating embryoid bodies (EB) by 3D printing embryonic stem cells (ESC) could bring us another step closer to turning science fiction into science fact.


A Big Step Towards 3D Printed Organs

Carnegie Mellon researchers have worked out a way to successfully print “squishy” biological tissues, thus removing one of the key barriers to major bioprinting. 


Could Self-Healing Plastic Be 3D Printed?

A curious new plastic can heal itself in water, but could this be used in a 3D printer?  Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania examined

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