3D Printshow

Join Us at 3D Printshow London!

Yes, we’re on board another airplane. The team travels to London, UK this week to participate in the 3D Printshow.

3D Printshow

3D Printshow Opens Today

Today’s the day the biggest 3D Printshow ever launched in New York City opens.

3D Printshow

3D Printshow Hits Berlin

The latest episode of 3D Printshow opens this week in Berlin. 

3D Printshow

3D Printshow Hits Madrid

3D Printshow has vastly expanded its slate of events in 2015 and the first event takes place in Madrid, Spain. 

3D Printshow

The 3D Printshow Global Awards 2014

It’s a late post today compared to our usual schedule, but there’s a good reason for the delay: We awaited the announcement of the winners of the annual 3D Printshow Global Awards. 

3D Printshow

3D Printshow Comes to the Big Apple

Last November we had the pleasure of attending the second London 3D Printshow, in London, of course. The event was spectacular, but attended mostly by

3D Printshow

The World’s Largest 3D Print Gallery

In retrospect, we hadn’t realized what we were looking at, when, at the 3D Printshow we stumbled into the covertly-located 3D print gallery. The large

3D Printshow

The Fashion Show at 3D Printshow 2013

Unaccustomed to attending any fashion show, let alone a 3D printed show, we were surprised and perhaps even shocked to see startling works displayed on

3D Printshow

The 2013 Global 3D Printing Awards

At this year’s 3D Printshow we witnessed the awards ceremony in which 14 awards were presented to leaders in the 3D printing community. Who were

3D Printshow

Behind the Scenes at the 3D Printshow

We happened to be in the city of St Albans, north of London where we had a behind the scenes look at the organization operating

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