How Are 3D Prints Used For Design?

What is Design Feedback with 3D Printing? It is a technique used by architects to solve highly complex building construction designs.

$concrete 3D printer

CyBe’s Construction 3D Printers Are Mobile

Is it possible to 3D print walls and entire buildings with 3D printers? The concrete part can indeed be 3D printed with equipment from companies like CyBe.


A Stone 3D Printing Option

I’m looking at the equipment provided by Concr3de, which can 3D print in stone.


3D Printing to Shape the Skyline

A recent use case of 3D printing in construction shows a nice use of technology in raising a skyscraper.



I’ve been playing with an interesting 3D mapping service, CADMAPPER.


Is 3D Knitting 3D Printing?

I’m seeing an increasing number of media stories talking about 3D knitting.


Is This Really An $8M 3D Printed Home?

I’m reading a very curious report on Forbes describing an expensive California home that’s partially 3D printed, apparently.


Cazza No More?

It appears that construction 3D printer manufacturer Cazza may have disappeared.


Look Who’s Patented 3D Printable Concrete

We were directed to a patent describing a composition for 3D printable concrete.  This would certainly be a very useful capability, as the many attempts


Contour Crafting Lives!

A surprise press release from Contour Crafting suggests the company is positioned to produce massive 3D building printers. 


3D Printed Skyscraper Pods: Not Realistic

An entry to a skyscraper design contest proposes a dynamic 3D printed pod system. I cannot imagine how this could possibly work. 


Deloitte Discusses 3D Printing and Commercial Real Estate

Technological advancements don’t simply affect the lives of individuals, but actually reshape entire societies. What could be more indicative of this power than the change that happens to the buildings in which we live and work?


3D Printed Construction Milestone Achieved

Netherlands company Heijmans partnered with CyBe Construction to produce prototype concrete formworks. Apparently, they were successful. 


High-Rise Prefab Housing Looks to 3D Printing

The scale of what 3D printing may be used for continues to grow. The Singapore Centre for 3D Printing, based at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), is currently initiating a project to construct high-rise public housing using concrete 3D printing.


Will 3D Printed Homes Be Viable?

An article in the Guardian examines Winsun’s recent 3D printed housing project and we’re wondering how feasible this may really be.


BetAbram To Release House Printing Machine

Over the course of its nearly 30-year lifetime, additive manufacturing has been used to create a massive array of objects. Though while the technology has had a number of different applications, its ability to produce objects on a massive scale has only just begun.


Florea’s 3D Printed Mobile House

3D print artist Iona Florea has produced another amazing work of art using his unusual 3D printing techniques. 


Buy a 3D Printed Stadium

There’s quite a few 3D print services out there today and it’s hard for services to distinguish themselves. One strategy is to specialize and that’s what ZVerse does. They specialize in Sports. 


Ten 3D Printed Sustainable Homes Produced in 24 Hours

An experimental revolution is underway in China to use 3D printing techniques to build houses. This rapid construction process was demonstrated to build ten small houses in 24 hours predominantly from recycled materials. The company behind it is Suzhou-based construction materials firm Winsun.


A 3D Printing House Becomes Reality

We’ve written many times on the idea of building homes with large-format 3D printers, but now it’s really happening. 

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